Analytic Reporting and Interpretation

Do you know how many visitors your website gets? Do you know where they live or how they found you? How long do they stay on your site? Analytic reporting will answer these questions. Say your main content page is only being viewed an average of 10 seconds, but you have 6 paragraphs of text...sounds like using video to reinforce your message might be the key to communicating your message!

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

Law Firm SEO

Can a SEO Company Guarantee Placement on Google? No. SEO consultants can never promise "organic" results in Google... Beware of those that say they can. Instead of promises, encourage SEO firms to demonstra…

Internet Marketing

Getting to the Top of Google: Everyone wants it, but how can you get there? Hiring a large marketing firm that has thousands of clients all competing over the same 10 spots is probably not the right decision. Our phil…

Website Design and SEO

Our focus is on clean design and SEO to get your firm listed at the top. Regardless of your practice area - we can help you succeed.…